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Jane Hilton

'L.A. Gun Club'

13th May to 18th June 2016

Eleven is pleased to present new photographs by Jane Hilton in 'L.A. Gun Club.' Hilton is renowned for her photographs based in the western parts of the United States where she documents the lifestyles of ordinary people with remarkable lives. Her new series 'L.A. Gun Club' continues her exploration of American culture and Americana through one of the country’s most controversial pursuits.

Hilton visited the L.A. Gun Club in downtown Los Angeles and was captivated by the experience. It is the home of a legal pastime that allows individuals to shoot live ammunition at target posters with guns such as a Colt .45 or an AK47. Each participant can select from over a hundred target posters which range from minimalist human forms to cartoon bad guys. Hilton has documented the remains of these unique ’shot' target posters that were made by a cross section of the community from a brain surgeon to a couple on a 'date night'.

To accompany the exhibition she has produced a limited edition book featuring brief interviews with the shooters. Through the images and the short accompanying text we see a snapshot of the attitudes towards guns, gun use and gun ownership in America. Guns are normalised, part of everyday life, a leisure activity for ‘sport and protection’.

The photographs were taken on a 5 x 4 inch plate camera and are printed on archival digital etch paper. Each photograph is 30 x 22 in / 76 x 57 cm and is an edition of 7.

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Jane Hilton - Target J
2016 Pigment print on Archival Fine Art Etch paper 30 x 22 in / 76 x 57 cm Edition of 7

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