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Eleven at 100
Installation shot

Eleven and Grosvenor have teamed up to present a series of pop up galleries. The first Eleven at 42, took place at 42 Elizabeth Street, London SW1W 9NZ in May 2009. It featured works by Natasha Law, Martha Parsey, Natasha Kissell, Roland Hicks, Marius Bercea, Jonathan Yeo and Olly & Suzi. We continued this project in July 2009 with Eleven at 100, located at 100 Mount Street, London, W1K 2TG, which showcased works by many of our gallery artists.

Eleven's third pop up gallery, Eleven at 22, was located at 22 Pimlico Road, London, SW1W 8LJ and ran throughout July 2010.

Eleven's fourth pop up, Eleven at the Gallery, is an exhibition series featuring Daisy de Villeneuve, Natasha Law and Jennie Ottinger in collaboration with Anthropologie in their 139 King's Road gallery space. The exhibitions were divided into three two-week long solo shows with each one personally curated by the artist to reflect the unique nature of the gallery and retail space.

Eleven: 11 Eccleston Street, London, SW1W 9LX - +44 (0)20 7823 5540 - info@elevenfineart.com
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